North Notts Stoma Support Group

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"Having had my operation in 2016 and struggling to accept the new way of life living with a stoma, finding the North Notts Stoma Support Group was a saviour to me, being with people who are like myself. Discussing different things that we have to deal with and the problems we have, it’s good to feel you are not alone. – Paul Smith"
"I felt a bit alone before I joined the group. To see all those people with my problem made me feel I belonged somewhere. It’s a happy, friendly place. I can get advice on anything at all that’s bothering me and recently I got a lot of encouragement when I decided to go back to swimming. – Carol Howard"
"I had cancer in 2020 and then had to have a stoma. I first learnt of this meeting from the Tidings magazine. Tore and Nicky were very welcoming and the rest of the group are chatty and helpful. Through the speakers and demonstrations I have managed to find a better bag. I continue to go to all the meetings when possible and look forward to seeing new friends.- Ruth Hurst"
"I have been a member of the North Notts Stoma Support Group for just over a year and it has been a huge help to me, particularly at first when I was getting used to the change in my life after my operation. The meetings are very friendly and the speaker program is very varied and informative. This all helps us to cope with any problems and keeps us up to date with new developments in stoma care. Just chatting to other members too is such a help as you learn about how they cope and get advice and tips. So it’s thanks to Tore and Nicky for all their hard work in organising the meetings and making the club such a success! Thank you both – Joyce Newton"
"It’s a daunting thought to wake up from surgery that removes a tumour and a large part of the bowel and an ileostomy bag fitted. I felt as though I was very alone as I didn’t know anybody else who had this happen to them. I decided to join the North Notts Stoma Support Group 2 years after surgery when I had the courage to go along to a meeting. I haven’t looked back since and feel very welcome by the other members. Tore and Nicky head up the group, they know what they are talking about as they have both been through the experience. It has been 6 years now and I am grateful that the surgery saved my life and I have made so many friends in the group and we support each other – Lyn Norris."
"A few months into life with a stoma after emergency surgery, I found the North Notts Stoma Support Group. I was made welcome from my first visit, everyone is so friendly and I feel I can ask anything and get advice and support. Life at first with a stoma was bewildering and daunting. Now, over a year later I live my life to the full coping with my stoma which is part of my daily routine. I feel positive. The group has such a positive feel. Thank you everyone. - Sandra"